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Take The Gratitude Challenge 

Little girl takes gratitude challenge


Take The Gratitude Challenge 

Grateful little girl praying

Take The Gratitude Challenge 

What are you grateful for this season? Take the gratitude challenge for five days to love yourself and others more. One question we might ask ourselves is how appreciative we are about the many people in our lives–loved ones and friends. How much love do we show them. At the same time, many of us are suffering from the negative impact of addiction in our lives. How can we feel good about loved ones who cause us pain, even in the gratitude season. Acceptance helps us and them.

Over 100 years ago, philosopher William James, who happens to be the father of American psychology, wrote that ‘the deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated.’

Attitude of Gratitude Challenge

Here’s the challenge: show your appreciation of those around you simply appreciating them, regardless the behavior they exhibit.When we take time to acknowledge the people in our lives, our world become richer with meaningful connection to those we love, helping them to feel good about who they are.

Take The Challenge

Begin by telling one person what you love and appreciate about them. Do it for five consecutive days By making gratitude and appreciation part of our daily ritual, we program ourselves to recognize the good in ourselves and others. We will therefore hardwire ourselves to have more positive feeling than negative ones. This really works.

Professor Robert A. Emmons, world-renowned expert on gratitude, has shown through extensive research that gratitude effectively increases happiness, confidence and all-around wellbeing. Share what you love about others and in the process, you will find out that you love and appreciate yourself more too.

Gratitude in Action

My family has a Thanksgiving ritual, we pass around cards and ask all who sit around our Thanksgiving table to write what they are grateful for this year. We found out that most years people are grateful for the same things: their family, spouse or lover, a new friend. Turns out, it’s the people in our lives and not the things we most grateful for.



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