Look no further for recovery gifts this season! This article has you covered. I think it’s safe to say that V-Day 2021 snuck up on most of us. The past year has thrown a lot of curve balls our way, but we aren’t going to let it get the best of us for this holiday. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to honor and show gratitude for the ones we care about and appreciate. It doesn’t have to be romantic sentiment — there are so many different kinds of love! Whether it’s a family member, dear friend, significant other, or maybe you just want to put a smile on someone’s face … the bottom line is that I have you covered with ideas for any facet.

Recovery gift ideas

Did you know Reach Out Recovery has an online shop? From books to candles, mask chains to worry stones … this shop holds thoughtful recovery gifts for a loved ones of any variety. My personal favorite is the Spa Days Recovery Gift Box. It holds an interactive guidebook for growing up as well as two aromatherapy infused candles. This is perfect for anyone who likes to meditate and record their thoughts.

My 12 Step Store Online is another option with great variety! This is a more traditional selection of bedazzled medallions and jewelry. They even have clothing. I personally like when I am out in public and see someone rocking a 12-step necklace or decal. It’s not only a nice reminder, but makes me feel like I am part of a secret society … well actually … we are!

Sentimental ideas that won’t chip at your wallet

A great way for anyone to start the day is with breakfast in bed, set at the table, or ready to go! Preparing breakfast for someone you appreciate is a thoughtful and affordable way to let them know that you are thinking about them. There’s always the classic homemade Valentine’s Day card. One year I wrote my mom a poem, and it was a huge hit. Yes, in my mid-20s she was my Valentine and my poem brought her to tears (subtle flex). My point is that even the most special gifts can come from the heart. Here are a couple other cost-effective ideas:

  • Make a video slideshow or photo montage.
  • Make and send some cookies.
  • Give them time and attention; dedicate the day to them.
  • Have a picnic.
  • Send personal notes for the whole week.
  • Compile affirmations in a decorated jar and they can pull one everyday for a smile.
  • Make them a message in a bottle.

ABC4.com has compiled 7 DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will work all season long. You could even combine a few to really make a memorable hit in someone’s day. How about a pull-out photo album? I love it!

Someones you appreciate

We all have those special someones in our lives that we appreciate. As mentioned above, any celebration day can be an opportunity to honor a family member or let an elderly neighbor know they are being thought out. Here is an assortment of gifts for anyone special in your life:

  • Send a sweet. My personal favorite are mini cupcakes from Baked by Melissa.
  • Air plant, cactus, or succulent arrangement.
  • Chewy is locked and loaded with gifts for our furred, finned, feathered, and scaled friends!
  • This “you are a gem” quartz crystal cluster is a unique way for someone to carry around a reminder of you.
  • A gift card to a favorite coffee shop.
  • Unique face masks — and pair it with a mask chain so your special someone never loses it!

Animal lovers

This is my personal favorite! As an animal lover, don’t forget to hook your favorite pet up with a special something on Valentine’s Day! I love this holiday for the kinkajous. Kinkatopia’s volunteers are making personalized holiday bags for all of the kinkajous! We even have heart-shaped piñatas for the honey bears to tear apart. I love the creativity holidays inspire.

What better way to celebrate an animal lover than donating on their behalf to a nonprofit sanctuary! There are so many organizations out there that need assistance. With far too many to list, I just encourage you to choose wisely! And maybe even shoot for the smaller organizations who don’t get government funding and have little to no paid employees. Animal Ed.ventures Sanctuary in North Carolina and CARE Foundation Florida are 2 of my personal favorites … and of course Kinkatopia!  

Spiritual ideas

I am absolutely obsessed with this mini chakra pyramid. I would love to have one of these for on my desk or by my bed. (Hint hint.) There is nothing like blessing someone with positive vibes. Here are some other gift ideas for the spiritual sponges in your life:

  • Amethyst worry stone.
  • Aromatherapy anything! From oil diffusers to necklaces and candles to socks, aromatherapy oil-infused anything is always a win-win.
  • Mini Zen garden or bonsai tree.
  • Assorted tea and add the accessories to enjoy it for a full package.
  • Rock assortment or Zen statues for the front yard like this llama garden sculpture.

Thoughtful books

OK Reach Out Recovery has nailed this one! We have books for adults, books specific to teens, and books for kids … and coloring books for all ages! Esteemed author Lindsey Glass wrote an inspiring guide to growing up called: 100 Tips For Growing Up My 20 Years of Recovery. This interactive book is one to keep by your beside or in you work bag. I love randomly landing on a page to be reminded of something pertinent to daily life, and the readings always align with just what I need to read. It’s the perfect life assistant.

For more book ideas, check out my previous article about my favorite recovery books!

So there you have it! Get out there and have a memorable February 14, 2021. Doing something for someone else is one of the most rewarding things so no matter what, show someone you care about that you’re thinking about them. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Alexandra Ashe
Alexandra is a sober woman who loves animals, writing, nature, horror movies, fitness, and self-improvement. After suffering a relapse in late 2016, she revamped her lifestyle and has been sober since March 2017. She is also the CEO and founder of Kinkatopia, which is the only kinkajou-specific organization in the world. Alexandra literally lives and breathes kinkajous — in addition to working a full-time career, taking care of her health, and giving back to the world in other ways. She is a woman on a mission ... the Mother of Kinkajous. Follow Alexandra’s articles to relish her experiences staying sober and running a kinkajou sanctuary. There is never a dull moment, that’s a promise. Kinkatopia.org

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