10 Ways To Detach Poster

Our posters are original to ROR. 10 Ways To Detach reminds us what to do when things get tense and you feel uncomfortable. Get this in three sizes to decorate your walls or space. This poster has been liked and used in homes and offices to get a positive vibe going. The quality is top notch and you’ll be delighted when you open the poster and see how magical it is. Enjoy in one of three sizes. Get three or four ROR inspirational posters and arrange a wall around them.

1. Don’t give advice unless asked
2. Leave the room if you can’t be quiet
3. Focus on yourself not on what they “should be doing”
4. Let them experience their own choices
5. Stop focusing on their behavior
6. Remove kids before it becomes unsafe
7. Don’t nag them about their responsibility
8. Only help when asked
9. Compliment what they are doing well
10. Let yourself off the hook


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