The 8 Cs That Help Me Be All Right Coloring Book

New! This delightful 25 page coloring book helps reassure, distract, and empower children facing frightening challenges. The 8’s That Help Me Be All Right tells the story of a child at sea in dangerous waters. He feels lost and alone. Through the 8 C’s of empowerment depicted in 18 pages to color, the child learns he is not to blame and can help himself. Especially helpful for foster children, refugee children and children. Great for confidence building and vocabulary. The eight C’s include:

  • I didn’t Cause the problem
  • I can’t Cure the problem
  • I can’t Control the problem
  • I don’t have to Contribute to the problem
  • I can take care of myself
  • I can connect with other people
  • I can communicate my feelings
  • I have choices to help myself

Includes a dictionary to explain the 8 Cs terms and a box of 8 Crayola crayons.


See inside the book.





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