restore relationships in recovery

3 Ways To Restore Relationships In Recovery

How did do you restore relationships in recovery? Boy, that was a question that stumped me and my daughter for years. People’s behaviors change when family members are using, and our relationship was destroyed almost beyond repair. Lindsey thought I was a terribly controlling and

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Is Your Self-Worth Ruining Your Life

Frequently Asked Questions About Developing a Sense of Self What does it mean to have a sense of self?A sense of self means knowing who you are, what you value, where you find meaning and purpose, and what you’re all about. It literally applies to

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mental health challenges

9 Common Mental Health Challenges

What Are The Most Common Mental Health Challenges Feeling good emotionally is as crucial as physical health, yet most people experience mental health challenges at one time or another in their lives. Often their mental health needs do not receive the same attention and care.

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What is a mood disorder

Do You Have A Mood Disorder

Mood Disorders And Wondering If You Have One Can Be Confusing Anyone can indeed get knocked off the beam because of stress or unexpected changes in their routine. Right now, you may feel you’ve lost your mojo due to any number of reasons. And that

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Chronic pain management

Chronic Pain Management: What’s Best

What’s the Best Approach for Chronic Pain Management: PT or Medication What should you do for chronic pain management? Some people choose medication first, others prefer physical therapy. Chronic pain, which persists for longer than three months, affects millions worldwide, influencing their quality of life

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emotional abuse

19 Symptoms Of Emotional Abuse

Signs And Symptoms Of Emotional Abuse Emotional abuse is learned. When you grow up in dysfunction, it’s easy to fall into unhealthy relationships as an adult. So, in many cases, emotional abuse is an unwelcome member of every family. Particularly for families experiencing substance abuse

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night shift

9 Tips To Survive The Night Shift

Here Are Our Best Tips To Survive The Night Shift The night shift may be when you are needed most. When you’re in healthcare, many a time, you’ll be involved in life-or-death scenarios, so it can make it easy for you to prioritize your job

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mindfulness-based interventions

Mindfulness-Based Interventions

Exploring the Benefits of Mindfulness-Based Interventions  How do we combat stress and anxiety when everything seems so difficult? New approaches to treatment often include mindfulness-based interventions. Here’s why they are gaining popularity: mindfulness-based interventions have emerged as a powerful tool for promoting mental health. Rooted in

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