your authenticity

10 Ways To Embrace Your Authenticity

Do You Struggle With Your Authenticity Around Other People To begin, do you know what authenticity refers to? Your authenticity is what’s inside, the real you. The person you are when you feel totally comfortable and at ease to be yourself. For those on the

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heal your soul

5 Tips To Help Heal Your Soul

Ever Wondered If You Need To Heal Your Soul If you’ve ever considered this question you might want to read on. There are a million things that can happen throughout our lives that can cause distress, heartbreak, disrupt our growth, create grief, and require some

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Kleptomania And The Law

Navigating Legal Complexities with Compassion for Kleptomania Do you know someone who just can’t stop stealing? Kleptomania, a complex psychological disorder characterized by recurrent urges to steal items not needed for personal use or monetary gain, presents unique challenges within the realm of criminal defense.

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mental healthcare

8 Tips To Find Mental Healthcare Anywhere

How to Find Mental Health Care in Underserved Areas Do you live far away from mental healthcare? Are you in an underserved region. We heard from a friend today who said she couldn’t get mental healthcare when she was in crisis recently. Depression and fear

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3 Reasons To Quit Smoking Now

Are You Still Smoking: Here’s Why You Should Quit Now Smoking has been banned in so many places, you may feel like an outcast if you’re still sneaking out for a smoke. Once seen as a healthy habit, with cigarettes even being prescribed by medical

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