lgbtq addiction treatment

Here’s To Hope For LGBTQ Addiction Treatment

LQBTQ Addiction Treatment: Tailored For Challenges LGBTQ addiction treatment requires some special features. Here’s why. In the stormy seas of addiction recovery, the journey for the LGBTQ community through the recovery process often offers unique challenges. According to studies, substance abuse rates are nearly two

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low self esteem

Is Low Self-Esteem Inherited?

Is Low Self Esteem Inherited Low self esteem may impact your life, relationships, and work achievements more than you know. I’ve spent a good portion of my life dealing with the fact that I have low self-esteem. Of course, I didn’t know that I suffered

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gambling and addiction

Gambling And Addiction: When Fun Becomes Fatal

Gambling And Addiction: When You Can’t Stop Gambling and addiction are linked because of the pleasure factor. Anything can become an addiction, but some addictions are more destructive than others. Gambling has received increased attention for the past several decades as gambling has become more

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Grief and loss

Grief And Loss Coping Tips

Grief And Loss In Addiction The sadness that accompanies grief and loss can cause you to seek relief from unhealthy habits. You’re not paying attention to caring for yourself. Losing a loved one or dealing with traumatic events that cause a great deal of grief

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women's trauma

How Women’s Trauma Contributes To Addiction

Women’s trauma poses a risk for addiction at any age; in fact women’s trauma and addiction have a strong relationship. Anyone experiencing trauma is more likely to develop poor mental health, especially conditions like PTSD, depression, or anxiety. Coping with these symptoms in an unhealthy

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Flowers boost mood

5 Ways Flowers Boost Mood 

Flowers Aren’t Just For Valentine’s Day Anymore Flowers and plants are real green healers. They can boost our mood and help us feel better. Recent research has proven that flowers have a significant influence on our health, decreasing stress and assisting us in achieving peace

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Singles Valentine's Day Party

5 Tips For A Great Singles Valentine’s Party

How To Throw The Best Singles Valentine’s Day Party Single and another Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Get ready to have fun. Now that the pandemic is officially over, it’s time to get together and celebrate again. Plan ahead this year for the perfect

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person-first language

What Is Person-First Language

The Importance Person-First Language in Drug Rehab Centers You may not have heard of person-first language related to addiction treatment. For many people it’s a whole new way of thinking and talking about addiction. So many people feel defined by the negative aspects of the

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