moving broad

The 5 Benefits of Moving Abroad

The 5 Benefits of Moving Abroad To Continue Your Recovery Ever thought of moving abroad as part of your recovery? Here are some ideas that may inspire you. Recovering from any kind of addiction can have long and far-reaching effects. Because of this, some people

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detox facility

8 Tips To Choose A Detox Facility

Selecting the right detox facility is a pivotal decision that sets the tone for one’s journey to recovery. It’s a choice that can dictate the effectiveness of the detoxification process, influencing both the immediate experience and the long-term success of overcoming addiction.    However, with so

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narcissists play the victim

8 Ways Narcissists Play the Victim

Narcissists Play The Victim To Manipulate Their Victims Narcissists play the victim. Poor me somebody else did something to me. It’s not my fault. Ever. You’ve been seeing a lot about narcissism lately. If there is a narcissist in your life, you often feel like

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Raise your vibration

7 Ways To Raise Your Vibration

Did you know it’s possible to raise your vibration Yes, indeed you can raise your vibration. This is true science because everything vibrates with energy, including us humans. If we vibrate in one way it can attract good things, if we vibrate in other ways,

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Growing up in Recovery

Growing Up In Recovery After You Get Sober

Growing Up In Recovery: I Wrote The Book Why growing up in recovery is not just stopping using. If you stick around recovery groups for a while, you’ll eventually hear someone talk about growing up in recovery. That’s my story. When this all began, I

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Addict's mom Leslie and Lindsey Glass

There Is Hope For An Addict’s Mom

If You’re An Addict’s Mom, Don’t Give Up Hope An addict’s mom needs as much support and hope that her child can recover from addiction as the mother of a child with cancer does. Yet, it’s so incredibly complicated because how can you have hope

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Sober curious mom

Sober Curious Mom Writes New Book

I Was A Sober Curious Mom Determined To Help My Child In Recovery Being sober curious changed my whole life when I explored ways to support my child in recovery. Lindsey has been my inspiration for more than a decade since we produced The Secret

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symptoms of codependency

These Are 16 Symptoms Of Codependency

What Are The 16 Symptoms Of Codependency How many symptoms of codependency do you have to have to qualify? Do you expend all of your energy in meeting your partner’s needs? Do you feel trapped in your relationship? Are you the one that is constantly

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