Healthy families

5 Tips For Healthy Families In Recovery

How To Create Healthy Families When Battling Addiction Healthy families need work at the best of times. Supporting loved ones grappling with addiction adds extra challenges for emotional health. Addiction in loved ones places a heavy burden on all involved, particularly family members who strive

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Business ownership

5 Best Tips For Business Ownership

5 Strategies To Succeed In Early Business Ownership Starting a new business can be an exciting yet challenging time. As a new business owner, you’ll likely have countless ideas and dreams for your company. However, it’s vital to remember that building a successful business takes

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post holiday blues

Post Holiday Blues: Time To Reboot

Post Holiday Blues Are A Thing: Why Do They Linger? Post holiday blues still with you? We’re now heading toward March. That means all the holidays are behind us and we’re back to reality and business until Easter. For some, it’s a major relief. Even

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How Buddhism Has Improved My Recovery

Trauma Survivors Often Discover Buddhism In my opinion, Buddhism is an excellent way of life for everyone, but particularly for creative professionals and people who seek a serene, recovery way of life because they are healing from something. And, aren’t we all healing from something?

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mindfulness techniques

Try These 7 Mindfulness Techniques

How Mindfulness Techniques Work For Relapse Prevention Mindfulness techniques are used for mental illnesses like anxiety and depression, but they also work in addiction recovery treatment for relapse prevention. While drug and alcohol addiction is rampant everywhere, it’s crucial to understand that no two recovery

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addiction treatment myths

4 Addiction Treatment Myths Debunked

Addiction Treatment Myths Abound Addiction treatment misinformation is everywhere. What’s the truth and what’s fiction? If you or someone close to you is struggling with addiction, you might have heard several things about addiction treatment from family, friends, TV shows, the internet, or a myriad

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peer pressure

10 Teen Tips To Resist Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure Can Be Managed Peer pressure makes teens think trying dangerous drugs and drinking is safe and fun. As a teenager, you’ve likely heard something like, “Come on, just try it; it won’t do any harm!” It’s that deceptive voice that can transform a

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postpartum care

6 Crucial Tips For Postpartum Care

Postpartum Care Is About More Than The Newborn What are moms’ needs after birth? Postpartum care for moms is just as important as caring for baby. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed after delivering your baby, especially when your newborn requires your attention while you’re still

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