Financial planning

7 Tips For Business Financial Planning

The Role Of Financial Planning In Medical Business Growth Medical practices and healthcare organizations need strong financial planning and management, just like any other business. Whether you’re a solo physician or a large hospital system, exploring medical funding options and having a strategic financial plan

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After divorce

5 Steps to Healing After Divorce

Broken Hearted After Divorce? Here Are Some Tips To Heal After divorce, you may feel broken and hopeless. It’s normal. No one goes through divorce without pain and heartbreak, especially if there has been cheating. Navigating the tumultuous journey to healing and finding love again

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positive self talk

4 Tips To Nurture Positive Self Talk

Positive Self Talk Can Overcome The Trauma That Holds You Back Positive self talk can replace the negative tapes that play in your head from traumatic experiences or messages from your childhood. Parents never know which of the things they say will stick in your

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Happiness Is 10 Positive Affirmations Away

What Are Affirmations And Why Do They Work Do you wonder what affirmations are and why they’re all over the place? Do you wonder if saying positive things can make them come true? What are they, anyway? Affirmations are positive statements intended to challenge negative

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neurofeedback therapy

How Neurofeedback Therapy Helps Recovery

Neurofeedback Therapy: Training the Brain for Emotional Regulation Neurofeedback therapy is a new way to manage and control your emotions effectively, which is a crucial skill. It helps us navigate challenges, maintain relationships, and achieve personal growth. However, some people may struggle with regulation. If

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Healthy families

5 Tips For Healthy Families In Recovery

How To Create Healthy Families When Battling Addiction Healthy families need work at the best of times. Supporting loved ones grappling with addiction adds extra challenges for emotional health. Addiction in loved ones places a heavy burden on all involved, particularly family members who strive

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Business ownership

5 Best Tips For Business Ownership

5 Strategies To Succeed In Early Business Ownership Starting a new business can be an exciting yet challenging time. As a new business owner, you’ll likely have countless ideas and dreams for your company. However, it’s vital to remember that building a successful business takes

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post holiday blues

Post Holiday Blues: Time To Reboot

Post Holiday Blues Are A Thing: Why Do They Linger? Post holiday blues still with you? We’re now heading toward March. That means all the holidays are behind us and we’re back to reality and business until Easter. For some, it’s a major relief. Even

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