$1 Download Of Our Bestselling 12-Step Coloring Book

12-step coloring book download

Our  12-Step Coloring Book Downloads Are The Perfect Inspiration For Anyone Working On Their Recovery

If you have someone in your life who is in recovery–these are great gifts to help support and inspire them. Nothing like a calming and self-soothing activity for someone who is learning new life skills. These coloring books incorporate recovery principles and writing prompts with beautiful pictures to color. Find Your True Colors in 12 Steps is just for times like these when you’re stuck at home. Just pick up some crayons and have a little fun.

1. Coloring Books Relax You

Those of you who loved to color as children will most likely feel more relaxed while using adult coloring books. The activity may take you back to simpler times and serve as a distraction from any stress and anxiety. Instead of letting worries run on a loop, those who color focus on the patterns and their color choices. It’s a great, safe way to express creativity and destress.

2. They Help With Dexterity And Motor Skills

Practice makes perfect, right? Taking the time to color in various shapes and sizes helps not only with patience but with fine motor skills. While coloring, you’re working muscles that probably aren’t used every day (especially with the dawn of computers and other electronics). Think back to grade school, when the pencils and crayons were much thicker than the pens and colored pencils we use now. Those larger supplies are used to help young children master the dexterity necessary for thinner utensils.

Tip: Leave the phone and electronics in another room. You didn’t have a smartphone next to those crayons when you were five, right?

3. Coloring Books Make You Use Both Sides Of Your Brain

Many have been asked: “Are you left or right-brained?” Well, the left side of your brain is responsible for logic, calculating, planning, and sequencing. The right side of your brain focuses more on imagination, feelings, and intuition. Coloring books call for both sides to come together using sequencing, planning, imagination, and feelings. Think of it as a fun workout for your brain. When was the last time you sat down and colored – or even just sat down to clear your mind and have a little bit of fun?

Mandala Coloring page for Step 10 in Find Your True Colors
Find Your True Colors Lion coloring page

What do you need other than friends and connection? You need recovery in your hands to distract and remind you what we’re here for. We’ve got the books for you. You’re alone with your kids and they need distractions and something to calm their fears. The 8 C’s That Help Me Be All Right is for children 4-8 and their adults. The coloring book comes with crayons and workbook with coloring pages for adults.