22 Tips For Sober Life This Summer

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Sober Life Does Not Have To Be Boring

At first, sober life is tough. You may be used to hitting the clubs and bars, and have friends who do the same. That doesn’t work for most people in their new sober life. But, don’t be alarmed, there’s so much more to life and the truth is it’s more fulfilling than that partying nonsense! You may struggle at the beginning because your brain, and nervous system, are used to intense life. That will fade with time too, and seriously, it’s so much mellower over here.  

Sober Life This Spring And Summer

Now that we’re heading into the spring/summer season it might be tempting to engage in old activities. Work ends early for drinks, barbeques, or meeting up with friends who used to be boozing or using buddies can all be tempting. If there’s any chance old habits will lead to a relapse, think them through very carefully. Reconnect with people you know in recovery, get to meetings or support groups, go to the gym or wherever you find sober strength, and get your support system back in gear.

The important thing about early recovery life, or recovery life at any age, is to create an enjoyable, fulfilling sober life. If it’s not worth it, why keep at it? The alternative can kill you. Seriously, relapse is too dangerous with Fentanyl in everything. Once you settle into some new activities, hobbies, communities, and whatever else you find in your sobriety, you will be fine.

You will be better than fine. You will be healthy, happy, and satisfied. It does, however, take some time, experimentation, and practice to get there. So, let’s talk about what you can do in early recovery to actually enjoy your time. 

Sober Life: 9 Ways To Survive

  1. Self-care. What does this look like for you? Would it help to wash your hair, relax with a bath and spend time taking care of yourself? Is getting out for a massage or a manicure a treat you can afford? Is there a good book you wanted to read or go to the movies? Just find an activity that makes you feel good.
  2. We so believe in cleanliness and order! It helps with mental health to look around and see a nice space. Do you need to declutter anywhere? Does a room or closet need sorting and donating items? Yeah, it’s not the most exciting thing in the world, but we’re just getting used to normal life and normal activities. Cleaning is cathartic.
  3. Call and catch up with family members or friends. Use FaceTime or some other video call for a better sense of connection. 
  4. Stress-relieving coloring books can help pass time. 
  5. Movie night/binge-worthy shows. We’ve definitely gotten through some tough times with the help of a good show. 
  6. Go to that meeting, yoga class, or any other activity that brings spirituality or recovery into your day.
  7. Take care of the animals or family members who might need you.
  8. Take a walk and listen to music. 
  9. Make nonalcoholic drinks

OK, congratulations! You’re not exactly in early sobriety anymore but you’re still in that in-between stage where life doesn’t feel totally comfortable yet. Let’s go a little bigger with our activities and begin to explore long-term sober weekends. 

Sober Life: 7 awesome activities

  1. Try Dreaming big. Tour real estate in the neighborhood you’d like to live. Spend a day living the life you strive to reach, and the positive feelings will help you hit your goals. Walk by the stores, look at the clothes, and visualize your future.
  2. Be a tourist. drive to the nearest big city and be a tourist for a day, there are plenty of online guides on what to do in every city. 
  3. Learn to meditate. It will change your being. We started by using apps and there is endless content on Youtube for help with any kind of meditation.
  4. Game night with friends or family. Traditional board games or maybe not. Video games and modern board games are more detailed and fun. 
  5. Try a hobby from your adolescence. Try something that you may have given up. Guitar, drawing, etc.   
  6. Spend a day helping others and your community! Volunteering your time to help others gives you a purpose and makes it easier than ever to meet new friends. 
  7. Call your local animal shelter to see if they’re open for volunteers and help out with animals that need attention.

Sober Life: Taking The Time For Fun

  1. Throw a sober picnic. Showcase your new cooking, entertaining, and sober skills.
  2. Start taking classes again. Check out your local YMCA, community college, or whatever else might suit your fancy.
  3. Study a language you’ve always wanted to learn. 
  4. Learn a new skill that interests you. Work with websites? Take a WordPress class. Want to build an app? They have programs to help you do that now. Have something you have always wanted to try? Now’s the time and YouTube can be a good teacher.  
  5. Learn how to cook your favorite food or dessert.  
  6. Find an online community in something you’re interested in. Discord, Reddit, and Facebook all have groups to discuss your favorite things with people around the world.
  7. Explore new podcasts, books, any source of information that interests you and can teach you a few things.

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