100 Tips For Growing Up My 20 Years of Recovery

By Lindsey Glass. softcover, 141 pages

These 100 easy-to-digest and implement tips are arranged according to MASLOW’S Hierarchy of Needs. From basic life skills to lofty life goals, this roadmap self-improvement was  curated from advice of experts over Lindsey’s 20 years of recovery progress not perfection. The tips include notes to help implement and space on every page for journaling. By the co-founder of Reach Out Recovery and ASAM award-winning documentary The Secret World of Recovery, comes a comprehensive guide to self care, self improvement and self realization

By Lindsey Glass, co-founder of Reach Out Recovery and award-winning documentarian for Secret World Of Recovery and The Silent Majority. Lindsey has lived and worked in recovery for 20 years, studying the wisdom of experts every step of the way. Now she shares her experiences and their wisdom with you. From basic life skills, to managing work, restoring relationships, finding satisfying work, dreaming big and getting there, Lindsey covers it all.

Have a teen who needs a guide for living? A college student struggling with life skills? How about someone new to recovery who needs easily-digestible tips to manage life, feel good again, learn self-esteem, imagine and fulfill dreams, restore relationships.

Feeling uninspired with life and new recovery? It happens to many people! This inspiring guide was written to solve some of the exact problems you may be facing right now. Getting sober or entering any kind of recovery is not a sure shot to happiness and success. But, many of the tips in this book will help you figure out what you want, what you’re missing, and how to get it! This inspiring guide is the simplest roadmap self improvement. 5 star rating on Amazon.

  • 20 years of recovery experience and therapy broken down into 100 simple tips
  • Each easily digestible tip includes insight from the author and space for journaling
  • From basic life skills to managing work and relationships
  • From learning self esteem to dreaming big and getting there
  • From setting priorities to fulfilling goals
  • The easy way to master self control and self-management
  • Something for everyone of every age


Where was this book when I was new to recovery?
There’s a trove of practical advice, suggestions, and wisdom packed into these 100 tips. The tips cover everything from basic physical upkeep (“Physical Health”) to spiritual growth (“Self-Actualization” and “Transcendence”). The advice often suggests very simple, useful actions (ex.: “Eliminate Distractions” or “Take Out The Garbage”), along with a paragraph or two explaining how this relates to recovery and personal growth. A lot of it sounds like a sponsor’s advice, and this is a good thing. Some of us need all the help we can get, particularly in those crucial first few months of recovery. There’s quite a bit of Good Orderly Direction in these pages!

September 24, 2019

I absolutely love this book! The author shares personal experiences which evolved into tips for recovery, but most importantly, life skills. The layout is very organized. The book is visually appealing and interactive. There are places for notes throughout, which I love — it makes reading a personalized journey.

The author has an excellent way of conveying her message. This is not a labored read. The entries are short, but profound. I could sit and read it at length, or choose a page day by day.
I highly suggest this book to everyone! We can all benefit from it.

October 3, 2019

Although my daughter is not in recovery, she loved this book! She recently started a new job in a new state and feels that the pragmatic advice, in an easy-to-read functional layout helped her navigate through the difficult first weeks of her transition. It reminded her how to prioritize self-care no matter what life throws at you. Highly recommended by this Millennial!





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