Teen Guide To Health Alcohol and Substances (E-Book)

The simple drug and alcohol guide is a must read for parents, teachers, counselors and teens. Know the facts to help your teens make informed decisions about staying drug and alcohol free until brain maturity.

While teens may look grown up in high school, the human brain is not fully developed until the age of 25-26. That means that teens experimenting with drugs and alcohol risk changes in brain function, behavior, and both mental and physical health. This short supplement to the teen guide to health helps to empower teens to make healthy choices that will keep them safe.

This 47-page reference includes specific information about how the most common substances, both legal and illegal, impact the body, brain, and behavior of young people. Chapters include: Substance Categories, Alcohol, Marijuana, Tobacco, E-cigs and vaping, Cocaine, Methamphetamines, Heroin, Opioids, Fentanyl, Club Drugs, Mixing Drugs, Other People’s Medicine Cabinets, and Healthy Highs. There are no drug or alcohol images or methods of use to distract from the facts about what substance do to the body.

The Teen Guide To Health Alcohol and Substances is the supplement to Teen Guide To Health.




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