10 Ways To Get More Serotonin Poster


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Original ROR poster you won’t see anywhere else. Serotonin provides the feel-good natural high we all need every day. Get this inspiration poster to show all the ways you can boost your serotonin level and feel good body and soul.

1. GET MORE TRYPTOPHAN Some of the best foods to eat include lean meats, eggs, dairy.
2. BOOK A MASSAGE Serotonin levels often peak after a session because of a 30% reduction in cortisol.
3. BOOST YOUR B VITAMINS Most people benefit from a dose of about 50-100 mg per day. but check with your doctor
4. SOAK UP THE SUNSHINE Whenever you’re outside in the sun, you kick start you brain’: serotonin production.
5. ADD MAGNESIUM TO YOUR DIET To add more to your diet, look for foods like dark leafy green, fish, bananas and beans.
6. FIND WAYS TO BE MORE POSITIVE Figure out what makes you feel good about yourself and do more
7. REDUCE SUGAR INTAKE Increased sugar consumption usually backfire, as it typically eads to a mood crash
8. MEDITATE Serotonin levels increase in response to any form of meditation that raises b-hAA. an acid that the brain needs when making serotonin.
9. GET MORE VITAMIN C Vitamin c has natural antidepressant properties.
10. PRACTICE SELF CARE Start looking at ways to prioritize self-care in your week and more serotonin will follow

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