9 Traits That Narcissists Will Use Against You Poster


Product Description

This is a great original ROR poster for your office or private space to remind you how narcissists control your vulnerabilities. Help other recognize how they can become a victim of a controlling person. Beautiful quality. Get three inspirational posters in the small size and create a wall of  positivity.

1. You have already suffered abuse.
2. You find it difficult to speak up and
stand up for yourself.
3. Your integrity level is high and you are
dismayed if anyone questions it.
4. You work hard to sustain a sense of
security and avoid anything that may
threaten your security.
5. You feel deep down that you can only
be loved for your efforts and
your accomplishments.
6. You unconsciously feel others will only
love and care for you when you tend
to their needs first.
7. You see yourself as an empath, and put
other people’s need first.
8. You are hard on yourself, and are never
happy with your achievements.
. You often want to fix other people’s
problems rather than your own

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