Signs That You Are An Empath Poster

Are you an empath? ROR posters are original and beautiful. And this one has special meaning for us. These are great qualities to have but difficult to live with. Empaths are often overnice and too caring of others to care for themselves. This poster is great to have on your wall as a reminder to be aware of your vulnerabilities. We keep this one visible at all times. Comes in three sizes to fit every space.

You cry when others cry
Yon absorb emotions
You worry about what others think
You treat your pets like humans
Friends often ask you for advice
You have many highs and lows
You nick un on vines instantly is over the tor
You feel everything deeply
you prefer deep conversations
You put others needs above your own
Social outings leave vou drained
You are always over thinking everything
You feed off of other people’s energy
You’re a great listener
Commercials make you cry


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