Relationship Quotes: Stop Giving Your All

Quote of the day giving your all

Giving your all makes sense when your efforts in friendship, work, or love reap equal rewards. Are you jumping through hoops to please someone who isn’t giving anything back? This is a recipe for self-esteem problems, not to mention resentments and a broken heart. Time for detachment to become a better you.

Difficult Person Who Can Wreck Your Life

Quote of the day difficult person

The difficult person who blows hot and cold can be more than just…well, a difficult person. Is there someone in your life who is baffling, hurtful, then nice and generous, and then the cycle repeats until you think you’re going crazy? What are the traits that entrap you in a deadly dance of control and […]

What Is Genuine Love

Quote of the day genuine love

Genuine love doesn’t have to be all flowers, gifts, and passion. It doesn’t have to be perfect in every way. What do you really need? Kindness, compassion, acceptance. Gentleness when things go awry. There is no place for abuse and toxic behavior where there are healthy relationships. When you’re new to recovery genuine love is […]

Manipulative People Blame Others Never Themselves

Quote of the day problem

Manipulative people blame others for every single thing that isn’t perfect. Are you with someone who thinks you are the cause of every problem? We talk about abuse and narcissism a lot because it’s so important to watch the behavior patterns of people around us. Are they making us happy or sad, anxious or confident? […]

Motivational Quotes: Perspective

Quote of the day perspective

Perspective is what guides us through our day and our whole life. What are you telling yourself that buoys you up and drives you forward or holds you back? Some people call it perspective, but underneath it all, perspective is what you tell yourself. Here’s a new way to think and grow.

Kindness Quotes: Love That Lasts

Quote of the day gift

Gift someone your time Why is a gift of time a great way to show your love? When you spend time with someone, you’re giving something so precious it will always be remembered. A few hours of caring, listening, or helping can mean the difference between a feeling of hopelessness and lasting warmth. Even a […]