5 Ways Counseling Improves Your Life

Counseling improves Your life

Counseling Improves Your Life In More Ways Than You Think Have ever considered that counseling improves your life? Just think about the arguments you have with loved ones. Are you bickering over the same things for years and don’t know how to stop? What about communicating your needs? How good are you at telling others […]

Sobriety Quote: Forgive yourself first

forgive yourself first quote

Forgive yourself first Forgive yourself first is about how in sobriety, often the most important person you have to forgive is yourself. It’s close to your first step after getting sober. Addiction is a disease. That does not mean we aren’t accountable for our behaviors, but we have to learn to let go of the […]

Sobriety Quote: not returning to what you were before

No going back quote

Not returning to what you were before Not returning to what you were before is your chance to reinvent yourself in recovery. There isn’t other kind of recovery that opens the door for living better than we had ever dreamed possible. When we get sober, we don’t simply return to the person we were. Changes […]

Top 10 Gratitude Quotes

top 10 gratitude quotes

Our favorite gratitude quotes collected here just for you! Practicing daily gratitude is proven to help you feel happier and healthier, so why not give it a try!? There’s nothing to lose. We collected our favorite gratitude quotes so you can have them close in one place. Have a beautiful day and remember, we’re grateful […]