Tips For Newly Single Moms

Newly single moms

Tips on Self-care and Staying on Top of Things for Newly Single Moms Single moms have extra challenges. Separating and getting a divorce is always stressful. It’s often a lengthy process that exhausts and depresses both partners. Moms, especially take on extra burdens of care, and this may conflict with work demands as well as […]

Back To Work Tips For Improving Your Health

improving your health

Improving your health should always be a priority but what if you’ve been too busy or preoccupied to think about it? Now that you’re back to work after the summer break, or back to work after the pandemic, it’s time to take stock of your habits and health and start taking care of you. Have […]

My kid is Bipolar–Now What

my kid is bipolar

My Kid Is Bipolar: A Short Guide for Parents of Adult Children  My kid is bipolar. This is a frightening diagnosis to get, so I am addressing those parents whose young adult and adult children have already been diagnosed with Bipolar. Do not use this article to diagnose your child. I am not a doctor. […]

Time To Get Relief From OCD

get relief from ocd

OCD Definition And How To Get Relief From OCD You can get relief from OCD. Here’s how. OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) is a mental disorder that causes sufferers to have repetitive thoughts or ‘obsessions.’ These obsessions cause anxiety, leading them to compulsively repeat behaviors. Repeating behaviors helps to ease the anxiety, bringing temporary relief.  Get Relief […]

How To Handle A Disrespectful Teenager

disrespectful teenager

We’re hearing more and more parents and grandparents complain about having a disrespectful teenager. It’s painful when a much loved child talks back or yells or creates drama with every single thing you say or do. “Don’t you walk away when I’m talking to you!” The adolescent years are difficult for many families. To make […]