Are Your Children At Risk For Brain Rot

Brain rot activities

Brain Rot Is A Thing For Teens And Children And, it’s a thing for adults, too. I spend hours watching feeds on my phone. Like millions of others, I have my favorite subjects and can’t get enough content. Do I have a digital addiction? No, I have a stop button. Lindsey, my daughter, admits she […]

What Is Grey Area Drinking

Grey area drinking

Grey Area Drinking What To Know When It’s Not Clear In the complex landscape of alcohol consumption, the term “grey area drinking” has emerged to describe a drinking pattern that falls between moderate, social drinking and more severe forms of alcohol misuse. In this blog post, we’ll delve into what grey area drinking entails, explore […]

LGBTQ Addiction Treatment Challenges

LGBTQ Addiction treatment challenges

LGBTQ Addiction Treatment Challenges: What To Know LGBTQ addiction treatment challenges make it difficult to get the right kind of help. Would you believe me if I said a rainbow could form in the middle of a storm? It’s true. In the stormy seas of addiction recovery, the rainbow is a symbol for the LGBTQ+ […]