22 Tips For Sober Life This Summer

sober life

Sober Life Does Not Have To Be Boring At first, sober life is tough. You may be used to hitting the clubs and bars, and have friends who do the same. That doesn’t work for most people in their new sober life. But, don’t be alarmed, there’s so much more to life and the truth […]

30 Days Sober Has This Affect On Your Body

30 days sober

People Test The Impact Of 30 Days Sober What happens to your body after 30 days sober. We have some answers. April is Alcohol Awareness Month, a good time to remember the advantages of Dry January. What is Dry January? It’s the phenomenon of not drinking for 30 days to experience the impact of sobriety […]

Do You Understand The Cycle Of Addiction

cycle of addiction

Let’s Explore The Cycle of Addiction Addiction is a multifaceted beast that afflicts millions of people across the United States. It includes a complicated mix of psychological, social, and biological factors that can overcome individuals and impact all aspects of their lives. Understanding the cycle of addiction is crucial for both those struggling with it […]

Breaking Free from Adderall Addiction

adderall addiction

If you or someone you know is looking to break free from adderall addiction, we can help. Read this informative article on how to understand the addiction and what to do to recover.

How Exercise Heals The Brain

Exercise heals the brain

Did You Know: Exercise Heals The Brain In Surprising Ways If you are a person in recovery, or thinking about recovery, you may wonder what exercise has to do with recovery from substance or alcohol abuse. There’s more to getting healthy than stopping drug and alcohol use. Therapy helps and so does nutrition and lifestyle […]

Tips For Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance

How To Get Work-Life Balance In Recovery Work-life balance depends on emotional wellbeing whether you are in recovery, or struggling with life issues. It all starts with feeling well enough to be productive. When addiction and mental illness like depression or anxiety get it in the way of your being productive, it’s time to assess […]