How’s Your Relationship With Your Mom

relationship with your mom

Your Relationship With Your Mom Could Improve How is your relationship with your mom going right now? Is it healthy or toxic. We have some tips to explain. Let me preface this article with the information that this is not coming from a place of judgment. My mom and I had an incredibly unhealthy relationship […]

Differences Between Horoscopes And Astrology

horoscopes and astrology

Horoscopes And Astrology: The Main Differences According To Psychics Horoscopes and astrology differ mainly in terms of the level of detail offered by an astrological chart. The sun passes through the twelve zodiac signs annually, spending about a month in each sign. Astrology can delve into your motivation, ambition, unique traits, and personal style, whereas […]

5 Tips To Make Sober Friends

how to make sober friends

Ready To Make Sober Friends In the olden days of pre-internet, if you wanted to meet other sober people your options were limited. Pre-2007ish, if you wanted to meet sober people, you could go to a 12-step meeting where you had to get a meeting book and pick random meetings to attend until you found […]

What’s Your Relapse Prevention Plan

relapse prevention plan

Everyone Needs A Relapse Prevention Plan No matter what you’re recovering from, you need a relapse prevention plan, and we have one to help. Alcoholism and addiction are sneaky. One minute you feel fine, and the next, a trigger might send you into a spin that makes you want to pick up a drink or […]

$1 Downloadable Self Esteem Journal Prompts

self esteem journal prompt

  Click the image or HERE to download now. Start your self esteem journal to improve the way feel about yourself It’s easy to start a self-esteem journal with our journal prompts. We’ll give you an easy self care assignment to help you cope during the pandemic, and beyond. All you have to do is […]

Free Download From Our Bestselling 100 Tips Book!

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Are you longing to reach your potential but don’t know where to start? Are you like me and got sober only to find that life is really hard? Relationships seem baffling, you still fight with family (and maybe even worse). Do you feel underpaid and undervalued at work and maybe in life in general? I […]