10 Ways To Embrace Your Authenticity

your authenticity

Do You Struggle With Your Authenticity Around Other People To begin, do you know what authenticity refers to? Your authenticity is what’s inside, the real you. The person you are when you feel totally comfortable and at ease to be yourself. For those on the journey of recovery or those who have experienced trauma, concealing […]

5 Tips To Help Heal Your Soul

heal your soul

Ever Wondered If You Need To Heal Your Soul If you’ve ever considered this question you might want to read on. There are a million things that can happen throughout our lives that can cause distress, heartbreak, disrupt our growth, create grief, and require some kind of soul-healing. For many sensitive souls, just living in […]

Mystical Energy Makes Weddings Joyful

Mystical wedding

Are Their Souls Connected: The Mystical In Your Wedding Marriages, celebrated with pomp and ceremony, have always resonated with a deeper, spiritual significance. Beyond the tangible, a wedding is a mystical juncture where two souls unite, guided by an invisible, yet palpable, force. This article delves into the subtle and often overlooked metaphysical aspects of weddings, […]

What You Can Control: Your Brain Health

brain health

Keep Up With Your Brain Health For Total Health How is your brain health today? Are there situations in your life that are stressing you out? Are the holidays causing you despair or distress? How many people are you trying to keep happy right now? Or take care of? What about work? Is anything happening […]

Heal Your Childhood Trauma

childhood trauma

Childhood Trauma Could Be Affecting Your Every Move Did you know that your childhood trauma could be dictating your behavior decades later. If you haven’t addressed them in therapy or counseling, however, it’s possible events from the past are plaguing you now. Even if you have had therapy around your issues, situations that seem familiar, […]

Tips For Holidays When Your Family Hates You

holidays when your family hates you

Holidays When Your Family Hates You Yes, sometimes you’re going to face holidays when your family hates you. Take it from me, who has a multitude of experience on this subject, that you can be OK on the holidays no matter what your status is with your family. See, I know a lot about how […]