Things I Stopped Doing To Gain Peace In My Life Poster

Original ROR wall poster you won’t see anywhere else. Want more peace in your life? Here’s how to get the help you need just by putting this reminder on your wall. Museum quality printing, inspiration from ROR. Here are the 10 ways you can remember how to get control of your own life. Get three different posters and make your own inspirational wall.

-Arguing with people
– Wasting energy on one-sided relationships
– Over committing my time when I didn’t have the time or energy
– Accepting and excusing toxic behavior because it was more comfortable than change
– Allowing dysfunctional family members to steal my peace and joy
– Trying to fix people as an “act of love”
– Discarding my boundaries to fit (uncomfortably) in other peoples lives
– Holding on to limiting beliefs about my life, self-worth, and potential
– Pretending to be happy when I was hurting
– Silencing my voice and not naming my needs
– Overthinking about my past and things I cannot change
– Holding onto people I’ve outgrown because of the “time invested”
– Overlooking my blessings and comparing my life to someone else’s
– Abandoning myself, my truth, and my integrity to “fit in”


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