Adult Children Of Alcoholics Life In A Circus

children of alcoholics

Adult Children Of Alcoholics Are Molded For Dysfunction. What does that mean? It means that the elephant in our world is crisis, and all reality is denied from the moment we’re born. Every day is life in the circus. Recovery slogans and sayings abound, comparing addiction to a three-ring circus. These analogies give many adult […]

Child Of Alcoholic Seeks Loving Father Figure

daugher and loving father

My father wasn’t the trustworthy Dad I longed for and it affected me for years. Although he did love me, it was almost always from afar, where he was safe enough to not get attached to me. When he did get close, I was often the one who got hurt. When I was a kid, […]

Questions Children Of Alcoholics Ask Their Therapists

Adult children often ask these questions

“Will I be like my dad?” “My whole family are addicts; does this mean I’ll be one too?” Many children of an alcoholic parent are driven to “not end up like” that parent. Unfortunately, what we resist only persists.  These adult children often create a life that’s fertile for alcoholism or other addictive behaviors. Anxiety, […]