Why You Have To Let Go Of Resentments


“Expectations are resentments waiting to happen” Have you ever heard that expression – because I’ve heard it over and over for twenty years in recovery. Resentments sound bad and they are bad. They’re destructive to your daily well-being and happiness and can increase anxiety, especially if you have anxiety. But, let’s back up. What is […]

Four Tips To Help You Manage Your Emotions

manage your emotions

Learning To Manage Your Emotions Changes Everything Can you manage your emotions effectively? Your emotional health is going to affect everything in your life whether you like it or not. If you are not able to manage your emotions, the results can be catastrophic in every area of life. Work, relationships, family, it all goes […]

Treating A Case Of Toxic Anger

Toxic anger

Toxic Anger Can Ruin Your Day Or You Can Let Go Have you ever had poison ivy? It’s a miserable rash that seethes, oozes, and blisters. It spreads quickly and can even scar. A recent brush with toxic anger affected me in a similar way. Here’s what happens when you have a run-in with with […]

Understanding Anger and Addiction


How do anger and addiction go together? We get this question all the time. They are related, and when you add stress and anxiety you get a toxic cocktail that causes many to numb out with substances and other diversions. Read more to understand how these all fit together and what you can do about […]