Why Significant Childhood Trauma Is So Tough To Process

childhood trauma

From Dr. Tian Dayton, Forgiving Parents: Breaking the Chain of Anger, Resentment and Pain –  Triggered pain is so confusing to decode and deal with. Primarily, emotional responses to childhood trauma are recorded by the parts of the brain that were developed early in our evolution. This area of brain memory is often referred to […]

Adult Children Of Alcoholics Life In A Circus

children of alcoholics

Adult Children Of Alcoholics Are Molded For Dysfunction. What does that mean? It means that the elephant in our world is crisis, and all reality is denied from the moment we’re born. Every day is life in the circus. Recovery slogans and sayings abound, comparing addiction to a three-ring circus. These analogies give many adult […]

How To Soften Shame


All of us carry the burden of shame, and some of us don’t know where it came from or how to let go of it. “But I was never locked in a closet or beaten with a coat hanger.” I have heard this statement from multiple clients who deny the relevance of emotional abuse. They […]

Alcohol Abuse Is The King Of Addictions

alcohol abuse in America

Alcohol Abuse Is Still A Growing Problem On top of the opioid crisis, meth destruction, and other drug horrors, we still have an alcohol problem in this country. In these complicated times, it’s easy to look at alcohol as the lesser of the evils, but let’s not forget that alcohol abuse is at the center […]

Am I Raising A Future Abuser –

Boy pulling mom s hair

When I became a Mom, I vowed I would never abuse my son Keith the way my parents hurt me. Instead, I’ve been too soft and now my child is hurting me. How can I learn to take control without losing control?

Domestic Abuse Doesn’t Have To Define You –

Domestic abuse doesn't have to define you

Domestic abuse can be fatal in a family, especially when drugs and alcohol are involved. As a child who bore the brunt of my father’s abuse in my family, and an ex-girlfriend of a violent boyfriend, I’ve some experience of domestic abuse. Here’s the story of how that abuse set me up for intimate partner violence. […]