The-Codependent’s Remedy For Resentment

Eggs that are scared

Before I found recovery, I thought my grown-up life to be like TV shows. When no one followed my script for their lives, my expectations led to resentment. Ideally, my family of three would join my extended family for meals, holidays, and parties. We’d laugh together and cry with each other. Our deep love for […]

Top Secret Sugar Cookie Recipe

secret sugar cookies recipe

I’m usually really good at keeping secrets, but today, I’m letting you in on two biggies. First, my family has THE best sugar cookie recipe, which you’ll find below. Second, my family has THE worst trouble holding their liquor. A Co-Dependent Needs A Dependent In 2015, I entered recovery for my co-dependency. So, if I’m […]

Bitterness, Blame, and Banana Bread

Banana bread

Some ingredients, like lemons, are naturally bitter. That’s why we balance them with something that’s naturally sweet. The same principle applies to bitterness, like the time when my sister-in-law bit my son.