5 Tips For Living With A Control Freak

living with a control freak

Is there a control freak in your life? You may be living with someone who corrects your grammar. Maybe they refuse to admit they are wrong or always have the last word in an argument. Are they notorious for their road rage? You are probably living with a control freak. What Is A Control Freak […]

20 Codependency Warning Signs

codependency warning signs

Codependency Warning Signs Put You On Notice That You Need Help Who isn’t a little codependent when they enter recovery? If you’re worried you might be or see it in your family, don’t distress. This is something that can be managed. Learning the codependency warning signs first can help you begin separating yourself from someone […]

How Codependency Is Contagious


Two weeks ago, my very codependent mother came over for a socially distant afternoon visit. She’s negative, bossy, and controlling. She constantly worries about everyone else’s business, and her behaviors are highly contagious. Now, I have to fight off every instinct to pick up this sickness again. Why She’s More Contagious Than Covid People who […]

Do You Have An Enabler Stop Button

enabler stop button

Your enabler stop button can change your life What is an enabler stop button? You are probably aware, or have heard, the concept of co-dependent/enabling. What you may not know is that there is a Stop Button, too. Who holds your stop button and when can you push it? Let’s explore. What is co-dependent and […]