How to Help a Partner with Depression

Partner with depression

Your Partner With Depression Needs Support And Understanding When you have a partner with depression, you feel a mix of emotions, wanting to help but not always knowing how. What you do as a supportive partner can make a difference in both of your healing journey. While you may not have all the answers, your […]

Staying Sane In The City With Mental Health Issues

staying sane in the city

Staying Sane In The City With Mental Illness Staying sane in the city isn’t easy when you have mental health issues. I love New York. I grew up in the city and reside here now. I have spent many happy days ( and nights) running around this magnificent city, but this city is also a […]

How Depression Can Lead To Addiction

how depression can lead to addiction

Self Medication Is Often Linked To Clinical Depression How depression can lead to addiction is something we’ll explore in this article. Some people may turn to substance use and abuse to cope with the symptoms of their despair. However, using alcohol or medicines to treat depressed symptoms can make someone more likely to become addicted. […]

Does Depression Cause Addiction


Depression Is Part Of Addiction And Can Also Be The Cause Depression is something most people will feel at some time in their lives. What do you do to cope with sadness and despair? if you’re depressed, you will look for relief anywhere you can find it. Millions people everywhere are depressed for good reason […]

Can Your Cat Tell If You Are Depressed?

can my cat tell I'm depressed

Despite their aloof reputations, cats can tell when you’re depressed. I think. Ever find yourself heartbroken sitting on your couch with a wad of tissues, nothing to watch on Netflix, and when all seems of total despair– your kitty comes up and snuggles you at just the right moment? So, can your cat tell if […]

Know The Suicide Warning Signs

suicide warning signs

Sadly, in these times we need to be vigilant about the suicide warning signs in the people we care about If you or someone you care about has felt suicidal, then it’s imperative to know and recognize the suicide warning signs. People who are struggling have trouble asking for help. It’s often part of the […]