Do You Know Marijuana’s Effects?

Marijuana's effects

It seems like marijuana is everywhere but do people know marijuana’s lasting effects? Marijuana’s effects can be lasting and negative to your health in many ways. Marijuana is legal in many states and sales are through the roof. Marijuana probably feels a lot safer to use as we hear more and more about the dangers […]

Questions About Marijuana

Questions about marijuana

Since marijuana use seems to be skyrocketing, with the legalization push and use for medical reasons, more questions are beginning to appear. Is it really safe? If I’m around the smoke, will I get high? Here are some frequently asked questions about marijuana and what you need to know. How does marijuana effect my social […]

Marijuana Overview

medical marijuana

Marijuana is the dried leaves that come from the Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica plants. They contain the mind-altering chemical, THC, and other similar compounds. There are other extracts which also come from the cannabis plant such as CBD (which can also be extracted from the Hemp plant).  The most-commonly used illicit drugin the US […]