The Best Brown Butter Sauce EVER –

Brown butter is life changing. I drizzle this butter over steamed butternut squash, broccoli, and mashed potatoes. It is also great on turkey or chicken. It’s so good, that I have been known to eat it plain straight from the saucepan. Plus, butter is healthy. Per Dr. Axe, butter is: An excellent source of vitamins […]

A Recipe For Sweet Amends

sweet amends

I’ve reached the point in recovery where I need to make amends. My husband thought this day would never come. He’s been waiting for over a decade for me to admit I was wrong, but before I address his concerns, I must make amends to one of my closest friends. I was actually in charge […]

Co-Dependent’s Son Makes Mug Cupcake

Mug cupcake

A year ago, I was a full-time “smother.” I thought being hopelessly devoted to the world’s most beautiful boy was my highest calling. I was wrong. Doing too much for him kept him from being independent. This week, he learned how to make his very own mug cupcake.

Co-Dependent’s Recipe For Lemonade

Girl selling lemonade 1

This week, someone asked for my opinion. I declined. This is less than newsworthy for healthy people, but for a recovering controlling co-dependent, it’s a remarkable sign of my progress.