Why Relapse Doesn’t Mean Failure

Relapse prevention, self compassion

A Compassionate Perspective On Relapse While relapse may feel like failure and the end of the world, self-compassion can be the motivation that changes everything. Here’s why relapse doesn’t mean you’ve failed. When it comes to addiction recovery, setback can trigger a myriad of emotions—from shame and guilt to frustration and despair. But that’s not […]

6 Ways To Feel Good With A Recovery Lifestyle

the recovery lifestyle

The Recovery Lifestyle Ensures More Happiness Less Pain Why should you consider adding some new thoughts and activities to your life in recovery? Take it from me, my life got significantly better when I stopped trying to be a part of a life and world that didn’t suit my sober life and I created an […]

Recovery Mentor Anouska de Giorgiou –

Lindsey Glass and Anuska de HGior

Recovery Mentor Anouska de Giorgiou lives in Los Angeles, California. She was born and raised in London, England. As a teenager, she discovered a love of music, and partying, which lead to a decade-long romance with both. Today, she owns a sober living facility in West Hollywood called Edinburgh House. Anouska is a Mom, singer, […]