This Is How You Can Heal From Toxic Relationships

toxic relationship

Healing from toxic relationships is critical so new relationships don’t suffer! Ever find yourself responding to someone in a way you don’t mean? You might be bringing past trauma into your current relationship. For example, if someone cheated on you in the past, you might be extra suspicious of a new beau even though they […]

Changing The Toxic Family Dynamic

Toxic family dynamic

Are you in a toxic family dynamic without even knowing it? Where I grew up it was common for girls to be raised to care for “The Other Person First.” Any other person. It didn’t matter whether the person you were supposed to care for was mean to you or hurt you. You had to […]

Thanksgiving Triggers Of Toxic Past

Thanksgiving can be a trigger

Thanksgiving triggers can cause misery every year. Here’s an example. Eight years ago, my mother-in-law and I had a huge Thanksgiving feud. She said some things, and for the first time ever, I said some things back. The argument escalated. I called her a name, and she slapped me. She no longer threatens me, but […]