Recovery-Friendly Spaces Change Culture

Recovery friendly spaces

A change is coming to support people in recovery. Recovery Historian William White explores the new trend of bringing the recovery lifestyle into public spaces. No culture is neutral about psychoactive drugs. Such substances are placed into four overlapping categories: celebrated (ritualized, promoted, and commercialized), instrumental (regulated as to who, when, where, and how use […]

Rebuilding Character In Recovery

Dove putting branches on barbed wire

The devastating effects of addiction on physical/emotional health and social functioning have been meticulously catalogued, but far less attention has been given to its toll on character and the role character reconstruction plays in the recovery process. A recent rereading of David Brook’s The Road to Character has spurred this reflection on character and addiction […]

William White Interviews Jerry Moe


A rare conversation about children affected by addiction from two pillars of the recovery movement. William L White, the premier addiction treatment historian and pioneer recovery advocate, interviews Jerry Moe, the premier advocate for the needs of children impacted by addiction Introduction by William White For more than thirty-five years, Jerry Moe has been one […]

William White’s 12 Point Addiction Solution

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An addiction solution is possible with some changes in the way we deal with the disease. Addiction, now defined as a chronic, relapsing brain disease, is still more often punished than treated in our society. No other chronic disease in the United States has been allowed to proliferate instead of being routinely treated. Addiction Attitudes […]