Narcissist Quotes: Anger Defense Or Offense

narcissist quotes anger can be defense or offense

Anger can be a defense against accusations. This happens frequently in families where there are substance or alcohol use disorders or behavior disorders like gambling. Anger can also be a defense of closely-held opinions or views. We see this anger erupting in politics right now. If you hold an opposing view to a friend or […]

Narcissist Quotes: Who Controls You

narcissist quotes who controls your life

Who controls your life? This is a question we don’t often ask ourselves, even when we’re feeling the effects of someone’s control over us. We may think we’re all right, or that on balance our relationships are pretty good. But how much do we have to sacrifice our own feelings, wishes, and wants to have […]

Boundary Quotes: Time Is Valuable

Boundary quote Time is valuable

Do you think your time is valuable? In fact, your time is your most valuable asset. That’s why so many people want it. Setting boundaries may be difficult when relationships are already long-established. It’s important to know where you draw the line, so others in your life don’t take advantage. It’s not surprising that your […]