Recovery Quotes: Negative Consequences

Recovery Quote negative consequences

Did you know that negative consequences impact everyone? They don’t just impact the addict in the household. Keeping secrets within the family, especially when it comes to addiction, can make everyone involved sick in multiple ways. While this won’t help the user, it also won’t help the rest of the family come to terms with […]

Motivational Quotes: Your Biggest Bully

motivational quotes your biggest bully

Have you ever stopped to think that you’re your biggest bully? When was the last time you stopped and really considered how you’re talking to yourself? What’s your inner dialogue like? Maybe you’re kind and compassionate to others, but you talk yourself down from excelling at what you love. Here are three ideas to help […]

Relationship Quotes: Stable Or Toxic

relationship quotes stable or toxic

Is it a stable or toxic relationship? Am I a toxic friend? Is my friendship toxic? It can be hard to tell when you’re not really thinking about the characteristics of your own friendship or relationship. Sometimes, the signs are there, but we’re not too aware of what they actually mean. Here are some key […]