Recovery Quotes: Negative Consequences

Recovery Quote negative consequences
Recovery quotes Negative Consequences Impact Everyone
Negative Consequences Impact Everyone

Did you know that negative consequences impact everyone? They don’t just impact the addict in the household. Keeping secrets within the family, especially when it comes to addiction, can make everyone involved sick in multiple ways. While this won’t help the user, it also won’t help the rest of the family come to terms with the problems at hand. But how can these consequences impact everyone involved? Why do families keep secrets like this?

Keeping secrets can impact everyone emotionally

It can feel like love. But it isn’t. Families hiding the secret of addiction may feel as though they’re protecting the member who’s using. This can keep everyone in denial about the problem at hand – including the user. In order to officially address the addiction, it’s important to be open about it. By avoiding the addiction – or any problem, for that matter – only allows it to fester and continue to worsen.

It’s important to seek professional help when it comes to addiction. Here’s why:

Families may not fully understand the situation

If addiction is kept a secret, there’s no way to be able to understand the severity of the matter. If the situation remains between a certain group of people, this group is less likely to go looking for answers or professional help. This, tied into the possible denial and choice to ignore the addiction will only let it grow. Knowledge is power – especially in these situations. If you’re in need of more recovery tips, try Lindsey Glass’s new book, 100 Tips For Growing Up – My 20 Years Of Recovery.

The negative consequences impact everyone because this is a family affair

When an addiction is present in the family, it will affect everyone in the household. It is never limited to the user alone. Once substance use disorder is realized, the family is immediately considered just as ill as the user – everyone will need some form of help and attention. For more information, read on here.