5 Tips For Healthy Families In Recovery

Healthy families

How To Create Healthy Families When Battling Addiction Healthy families need work at the best of times. Supporting loved ones grappling with addiction adds extra challenges for emotional health. Addiction in loved ones places a heavy burden on all involved, particularly family members who strive to aid without exacerbating the situation. Successful addiction recovery requires […]

Try These 7 Mindfulness Techniques

mindfulness techniques

How Mindfulness Techniques Work For Relapse Prevention Mindfulness techniques are used for mental illnesses like anxiety and depression, but they also work in addiction recovery treatment for relapse prevention. While drug and alcohol addiction is rampant everywhere, it’s crucial to understand that no two recovery journeys are ever the same. There are a wide variety […]

6 Crucial Tips For Postpartum Care

postpartum care

Postpartum Care Is About More Than The Newborn What are moms’ needs after birth? Postpartum care for moms is just as important as caring for baby. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed after delivering your baby, especially when your newborn requires your attention while you’re still adjusting as a new mom. Balancing your baby’s needs and […]

Alcohol And Women: Addiction Is Growing

alcohol and women

Alcohol And Women: Addiction Risk Rising With Greater Use In recent years, there has been a noticeable surge in alcohol addiction among women, marking a departure from historical trends. Delamere, a private alcohol rehab and leading provider of addiction rehabilitation treatments in the UK, has shed light on the growing number of women seeking treatment […]

6 Tips To Recover After An Accident

Car accident

Easing Anxiety After A Car Accident A traffic accident is a trauma just like any disruption in life. Whether you are seriously injured or just shaken up, the impact of injuries sustained as a result of an incident can be long-lasting and have a significant impact on your mental health. So what can you do […]

5 Evidence Based Therapies You Need

evidence based therapies

5 Evidence Based Therapies You Need For Lasting Recovery Explore diverse evidence based therapies in addiction treatment. Long term success in addiction recovery is achieved through the use of a variety of evidence based therapies. You can achieve lasting recovery through these scientifically-backed methods. This article will explore evidence-based therapies in addiction treatment, offering a […]