Gambling And Addiction: When Fun Becomes Fatal

gambling and addiction

Gambling And Addiction: When You Can’t Stop Gambling and addiction are linked because of the pleasure factor. Anything can become an addiction, but some addictions are more destructive than others. Gambling has received increased attention for the past several decades as gambling has become more accessible around the world, particularly through mobile gambling opportunities. Research […]

Grief And Loss Coping Tips

Grief and loss

Grief And Loss In Addiction The sadness that accompanies grief and loss can cause you to seek relief from unhealthy habits. You’re not paying attention to caring for yourself. Losing a loved one or dealing with traumatic events that cause a great deal of grief can have a negative and lasting impact on mental health. […]

How Women’s Trauma Contributes To Addiction

women's trauma

Women’s trauma poses a risk for addiction at any age; in fact women’s trauma and addiction have a strong relationship. Anyone experiencing trauma is more likely to develop poor mental health, especially conditions like PTSD, depression, or anxiety. Coping with these symptoms in an unhealthy fashion usually means self-medicating with things like drugs and alcohol, […]

What Is Person-First Language

person-first language

The Importance Person-First Language in Drug Rehab Centers You may not have heard of person-first language related to addiction treatment. For many people it’s a whole new way of thinking and talking about addiction. So many people feel defined by the negative aspects of the addiction disease. It can feel dehumanizing. So Rehabs are now […]

3 Phases Of Detox You Should Know

phases of detox

Understanding the Phases of Detox and Support Systems Getting help for addiction is the best gift you can give or get.  It all starts with the phases of detox, and what happens next. Detoxification, or detox, is the first and one of the most critical steps on the road to recovery from substance abuse. It […]

5 Ways Counseling Adds To Holistic Health


Why Counseling Helps Both Mental Health And Physical Health There is a trend toward health and wellness, and counseling is a key component to having healthy relationships both at work and at home. We live in a world where the hustle of daily life incessantly demands our attention, emphasizing the significance of maintaining mental health. […]