Sober Approach To New Year’s Resolutions

Sober approach

Reflection and Gratitude: A Sober Approach to New Year’s Resolutions As the New Year unfolds, many embark on a journey of self-improvement and reflection. If you are on the path to recovery, resolutions go beyond the typical promises to hit the gym or read more books and tend to take on a profound significance, representing […]

Surprising Health Benefits Of Dry January

Dry January

There Is A Trend That Has Taken Off With Dry January If you haven’t heard about Dry January, we’re going to share what it’s all about. We’re sharing because it has taken off and helped thousands feel better in the new year. What Is Dry January And Why Should You Try It From Wash Post […]

What To Do When Substance Abuse Leads To Violence

substance abuse

 Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence Are Closely Linked Many studies have shown that there is a relationship between substance abuse and domestic violence. However, one can precede the other or they can occur simultaneously. It is a strange correlation because repeated incidents of domestic abuse can also lead to the victim going towards substance abuse […]

 In-Home Care for Patients With Neurological Challenges

In-home care

In-home Care helps Patients and Families Coping With Neurological Challenges  In-home care is something many families need because coping with neurological challenges is exhausting. According to the American Physiological Society, there are over 600 known neurological disorders. Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s are some of the most common. Over seven million Americans are affected by these […]

Antidepressants and Alcohol Blackouts: Know The Risks

alcohol and antidepressants

The Interaction Between Alcohol and Antidepressants The interaction between antidepressants and alcohol is a complex and critical issue, particularly for individuals undergoing treatment for depression or other mental health disorders. Antidepressants are designed to regulate chemical imbalances in the brain that contribute to depression. However, when these medications are combined with alcohol, the effects can […]

Does Medicaid Cover Rehab


Medicaid Coverage For Rehab Depends On The Facility People wonder if Medicaid covers addiction treatment and rehab. Here are some answers. Seeking treatment for addiction is a significant step towards recovery, and understanding the financial aspects, including insurance coverage, is crucial. A common question among those considering rehab is whether Medicaid, the public health insurance […]