Quote: Don’t Worry About Them

don't worry about people not happy for you quote

Don’t worry about them Don’t worry about them reminds us that people who aren’t happy for you in your sober life don’t matter at all! For one, they are probably not happy in their life. Two, anyone who isn’t happy for you making a healthy decision for your life truly does not want what’s best […]

Sober Quote: I Prefer Myself Sober

No thanks quote

I prefer myself sober I prefer myself sober reminds us that who we are in recovery is so much better than who we were when we were drinking. Alcohol doesn’t make anyone’s life better and once we give it up, everything gets so much better. Remind yourself as much as necessary, that drunk you is […]

Sober Quote: I’m Not Broken

I'm not broken quote

I’m not broken I’m not broken is our sober quote about the beautiful process that is recovery. When we get sober, there are times when we know we are not yet who we are meant to be and that’s OK! IT takes time to recover from alcoholism. If there’s trauma or alcoholism in your family, […]

Sober Quote: Growing And Healing

addiction recovery is more quote

Growing and healing Growing and healing sober quote is about how addiction recovery includes the wonderful process of not only getting sober but also growing and healing. We learn to find ourselves and regain our physical strength. In recovery, we become better versions of ourselves. It’s the incredible opportunity of getting a second chance to […]

Self Love Quote: Give Love To Yourself

Give love to yourself Today’s self-love quote of the day is about how sometimes in life we don’t get what we need as children. Maybe our parents weren’t available or had issues themselves. For whatever reason, if you didn’t get the love and nurturing you needed as a child, you can learn to give it […]

Sober Quote: Relapse Thoughts

sober quote

Relapse thoughts are common but you don’t have to Relapse thoughts can keep you in a shame and blame state. Today’s sobriety quote reminds us that slipping can part of the recovery process for many people. It is nothing to feel bad about. The important thing is to not be defined by your relapses, if […]