Self Love Quote: Give Love To Yourself

Give love to youself

Give love to yourself

Today’s self-love quote of the day is about how sometimes in life we don’t get what we need as children. Maybe our parents weren’t available or had issues themselves. For whatever reason, if you didn’t get the love and nurturing you needed as a child, you can learn to give it to yourself as an adult! Think about exactly what you’d want, maybe even write it down. Want to be told that you’re loved? Tell yourself, “I love you,” every single day. Want to be taken to the movies? Take yourself to the movies and buy yourself popcorn AND candy. Set the tone. The universe will follow.

Self love doesn’t mean it’s all about you

What it really means is that you feel you’re enough, you’re lovable, you’re a good and worthy person. That is the key to mental health. If we can care for and about ourselves, we can succeed in all our goals. We all have so much negative programming, especially in families where there is substance or alcohol use. Our destructive conditioning can deprive us of the self-esteem we need to succeed, reach our goals and have great relationships.

Recovery can help you give love to yourself

Once you start to feel better in recovery, open your eyes to what is possible. What are your goals? What are your dreams? Give them life and make them happen. Take this recovery quote to heart because we did and it works!

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