Self Love Quote: Give Love To Yourself

Give love to yourself Today’s self-love quote of the day is about how sometimes in life we don’t get what we need as children. Maybe our parents weren’t available or had issues themselves. For whatever reason, if you didn’t get the love and nurturing you needed as a child, you can learn to give it […]

Sober Quote: Relapse Thoughts

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Relapse thoughts are common but you don’t have to Relapse thoughts can keep you in a shame and blame state. Today’s sobriety quote reminds us that slipping can part of the recovery process for many people. It is nothing to feel bad about. The important thing is to not be defined by your relapses, if […]

Sober Quote: Being in Recovery

Being in recovery restores all the qualities you lost in addiction Being in recovery sobriety quote is about how recovery can return everything we lost in addiction or alcoholism. Often people talk about losing their integrity, faith, and gratitude in active addiction. But, once someone makes the decision to be sober and begins down the […]

Sobriety quote: The reason I don’t drink

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The reason I don’t drink The reason I don’t drink sobriety quote gives one of the best reasons we know of why we don’t drink–we want to remember our good nights! So many nights were lost in drinking to blackouts, or whatever… In sobriety, we get to have authentic experiences where we know how we […]

Sobriety Quote: If You Are Persistent

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If you are persistent you can have long term success at anything If you are persistent isn’t only about recovery. Today’s sobriety quote is reminds us how important it is to be both persistent and consistent in recovery. If you keep at sobriety even when it’s hard, that persistence will pay off down the road. […]

Recovery Quote: Attract what you expect

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Recovery quote of the day Today’s recovery quote of the day is about being who and what you want. If you want to attract people who are kind and treat you well, you have to be kind and treat others well. It’s called the law of attraction. If you want to be respected, behave in […]