Sober Quote: Being in Recovery

Being in recovery

Being in recovery restores all the qualities you lost in addiction

Being in recovery sobriety quote is about how recovery can return everything we lost in addiction or alcoholism. Often people talk about losing their integrity, faith, and gratitude in active addiction. But, once someone makes the decision to be sober and begins down the path of recovery, all of those things, and more, can be recovered. Most people find an even better version of themselves once they go into recovery. It can take time but it’s true!

How to quit drinking or drugging is not a one size fits all recovery. Everyone has to find their own way to do it and how to do it. But, without sobriety, there is nothing to build on. Nothing to rely on and no end to the suffering for yourself and others.

Give yourself the gift of sobriety and get to know the real you

Making the decision to get sober and stay sober leads to a new life with new feelings, newfound self-esteem, and new opportunities. It’s impossible to think about the future or goals, or anything important while in active addiction. In active addiction, we can’t see the world straight, much less ourselves. Once sober though, we can see things clearly. We can locate the issues and create solutions. Sobriety is the key to self-acceptance and self-understanding.

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