4 Tips To Nurture Positive Self Talk

positive self talk

Positive Self Talk Can Overcome The Trauma That Holds You Back Positive self talk can replace the negative tapes that play in your head from traumatic experiences or messages from your childhood. Parents never know which of the things they say will stick in your head forever, breaking your heart over and over. If your […]

How to Help a Partner with Depression

Partner with depression

Your Partner With Depression Needs Support And Understanding When you have a partner with depression, you feel a mix of emotions, wanting to help but not always knowing how. What you do as a supportive partner can make a difference in both of your healing journey. While you may not have all the answers, your […]

Relationship Advice For Holiday Arguments

relationship advice

Relationship Advice Will Help You Avoid Arguments During The Holidays Everyone in a relationship could use some relationship advice about being nice right now. We’ve all got our differences, and the mood is both hopeful and divided on many issues. Yes, relationships are really strained at this time of the year. Domestic violence is a […]

What Is Unresolved Grief

Unresolved grief

Unresolved Grief Makes Mourning And Moping A Habit Do you know what unresolved grief is? I never thought about why my heart broke into a million pieces regularly over a death that occurred decades ago or what made me consistently sad. Now, I’m in the moment and don’t feel overwhelmed by sadness from the past. […]

Healing From Codependency Post Covid

healing from codependency

Healing from codependency offers a brand new opportunity even after the worst of Covid 19 is past. All the issues with new flus and traveling and over helping others are still with us. But just because the major danger is over, we can still use our tools to make a change in our codependent relationships. […]

Life Is Back! Don’t Forget Self Care

don't forget self care

Don’t Forget Self Care As Life Returns To Normal Don’t forget self care, it’s essential to wellbeing. In the old days, self care meant something very different from what it means today. Today, you could even call self care a lifestyle. There are categories for choosing your options, and it’s something that’s essential these days. […]