Do You Have A Mood Disorder

What is a mood disorder

Mood Disorders And Wondering If You Have One Can Be Confusing Anyone can indeed get knocked off the beam because of stress or unexpected changes in their routine. Right now, you may feel you’ve lost your mojo due to any number of reasons. And that may be true. There are so many reasons to feel […]

Dealing With Addiction Issues: Why You Should Go To A Rehab

dealing with addiction issues

What To Do When Dealing With Addiction Issues Dealing with addiction issues is difficult, and no one can get sober and healthy all alone. There are no other places but rehab to stop addiction. It is made up of professionals who deal with addiction which patients feel safe to open up. Moreover, going to rehab […]

4 Addiction Treatment Myths Debunked

addiction treatment myths

Addiction Treatment Myths Abound Addiction treatment misinformation is everywhere. What’s the truth and what’s fiction? If you or someone close to you is struggling with addiction, you might have heard several things about addiction treatment from family, friends, TV shows, the internet, or a myriad of other resources. Not all of that information may be […]

Are You Codependent: Here Are Signs


If You’re Codependent, You Can Get Help What does it mean to be codependent? We are constantly learning more about codependency and how it manifests and affects relationships. While codependency may seem harmless, it isn’t. Especially when it comes to dysfunction in families and addiction issues. Being codependent with toxic or dangerous people, even when […]