100 Tips For Growing Up My 20 Years of Recovery


Feeling uninspired with life and new recovery? It happens to many people! This inspiring guide was written to solve some of the exact problems you may be facing right now. Getting sober or entering any kind of recovery is not a sure shot to happiness and success. But, many of the tips in this book will help you figure out what you want, what you’re missing, and how to get it! This inspiring guide is the simplest roadmap self improvement. 5 star rating on Amazon.


  • 20 years of recovery experience and therapy broken down into 100 simple tips
  • Each easily digestible tip includes insight from the author and space for journaling
  • From basic life skills to managing work and relationships
  • From learning self esteem to dreaming big and getting there
  • From setting priorities to fulfilling goals
  • The easy way to master self control and self-management
  • Something for everyone of every age


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