The Modern Art Of Recovery

Great things DO come in small packages. Keep fast facts about recovery and addiction at your fingertips with our pocket-sized poster book. True to Reach Out Recovery’s innovative style, The Modern Art Of Recovery uses contemporary graphics and bold colors to explain tough subjects like the stages of alcoholism and abuse, what to do in an opioid overdose, and relapse prevention tips.

This contemporary art book showcases pocket-sized versions of 15 educational posters and 18 motivational quotes. This gift pack includes an eco-friendly 5 inch by 7 inch spiral-bound notebook and pen, perfect for journaling. Order yours today!


The Modern Art Of Recovery is a full color, 40 page, soft-cover book. Measuring 5.5 inches by 6.5 inches, this pocket-sized poster book features 15 of Reach Out Recovery’s most popular educational poster designs and 18 inspirational quotes. Also included is an eco-friendly 5 inches by 7 inches spiral notebook and pen.


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