The Life Of A “Functional” Alcoholic

functional alcoholic

After almost 20 years with a drinking problem, I know a thing or two about the lies you tell yourself as a ‘functional’ alcoholic. Sweet sweet liquor, nectar of the gods. Bringer of joy the world over. Whether it’s a glass of your favourite Pinot with your wife over dinner or drinking four shots of […]

The 7 Stages Of Alcoholism

Seven stages of alcoholism

7 Stages of Alcoholism and 6 Alcohol Facts you need to know.  Here are some crucial facts about alcohol use in the US, how addiction develops, and how to recover. Alcohol Is Still The King of Substance Use Disorder: Stages Of Alcoholism 6 Alcohol Facts  7 Stages Of Alcoholism  Stages of Alcoholism 1. Abstinence Alcohol […]

Recovery Protects Everyone’s Family Rights

Grown ups fueding

According to my Mother, my brother Ricky needs extra love and care because of his addiction. My family rights are ignored. She always favors what’s right for Ricky. In recovery, I learn I have rights too.

When Does A Habit Become An Addiction

We know the cycle. He swears its an addiction. He accuses and she denies. Because alcohol and substance use disorder are diseases that can be diagnosed, specific criteria eliminates some of the speculation on how much use is too much.