College parties have been portrayed in movies and the media as wild happenings with little consequence. Beer pong, jello shots, hookups, and wild dancers are still rampant, but some people are making different choices. So, what kind of college partier are you?

  1. 1 Where do you usually hang out at college parties

    1. ping-pong-
      Playing ping pong
    2. dancing
      Dancing, not drinking
    3. twister
      Trying to get a game of twister going
    4. chugging
      Chugging everything in sight
  2. 2 If you don’t have a party on a Friday night you are

    1. reading-book
      In your dorm reading a book
    2. drinks
      Checking out different drinks to make for the weekend
    3. on-couch
      Lounging around, watching reality shows
    4. shopping
      Shopping for a new pair of heels
  3. 3 What's your go-to outfit for college parties

    1. black-tshirt
      Black tee with either black or blue jeans and a beanie
    2. mini-skirt
      Tight tank top and a mini skirt with flats or boots
    3. loose-jeans-sports-shirt
      Baggy college or sports tee, jeans, and a snapback
    4. dress
      Tight dress, immaculate makeup, and five-inch heels
  4. 4 When in class, you usually

    1. pay-attention-class
      Paying attention to every syllable and digesting it all
    2. headphones
      Keep one earbud in, but mostly pay attention to the lecture
    3. computer
      Surf the net or finishing work due for another class
    4. instant-messages
      Typing notes for class while messaging friends
  5. 5 What's your go-to meal in the cafeteria

    1. hotdog
      Hot dog or a veggie burger
    2. soup-and-sandwich
      Soup and a sandwich; maybe the daily special
    3. salad
      Salad or a veggie panini
    4. cheeseburger
      Cheeseburger, chili, steak sandwich; unless it's Taco Tuesday
  6. 6 What's your major

    1. accounting
      Accounting/ business/ broadcast journalism/ philosophy
    2. communications
      English/ communications/ history/ education
    3. math
      Sports broadcasting/ public relations/ math/ computer science
    4. art-1
      Art/ music/ theology foreign language/

Quiz: Who Are You At College Parties?

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  1. Quiz result

    Ping Pong Champion


    You have great concentration and when you’re really invested in something, whether it’s your major, job, or hobby, you give it your all. That’s why you’re the Ping Pong Champion! You hold that title proudly at parties, but in class or at the office, you know how to maintain your composure. 

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  2. Quiz result

    Totally Adaptable


    When you’re not out, you’re totally fine with a night in, working on your assignments and learning how to make new coffee flavors. You’ve been told a couple of times that if your chosen career path doesn’t work out, that you could make a living as a coffee shop owner. You like to keep things fresh and exciting.

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  3. Quiz result

    Social Butterfly


    You like your snapbacks on sideways and your jeans super loose. You don’t want to admit it, but you’ve invested a lot of money in board games, which are all stacked neatly in the back of your closet. Your other hobbies include watching reality TV, comparing fake tan products, and critiquing sports teams when they play their absolute worst. 

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  4. Quiz result

    Ms. Kappa Kappa Pukes-on-her-shoes


    You have more pairs of shoes than DSW and Payless combined. Most of them have only been worn once and now they’re sitting under your bed, collecting dust with your forgotten English 101 anthology. You take shopping very seriously—it’s an Olympic sport for you and your sorority sisters. You also know the best way to get stains out of your most delicate heels. 

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