My 15th Sober Birthday

Sober Birthday Leslie Glass with Lindsey Glass

Sober Birthdays Are Milestones That Prove Recovery Works Updated 8/06/23 My sober birthday was only supposed to last 90 days. I didn’t expect sobriety to become my new normal. I took that first chip to see what it felt like for alcoholics to give up the thing they loved the most. Lindsey, my daughter in […]

9 Mythbusters About Addicts’ Moms

addicts' moms

Addicts’ moms need support, not stigma Updated 8/6/23 Addict’s moms suffer from the stigma of having children who aren’t perfect, worse that their children suffer from a disease that only they can cure. Moms can’t fix it. Addiction is a disease of brain reward that is chronic and progressive. It can’t be cured, but can […]